Webcomics I Read:
Sluggy Freelance Megatokyo Real Life
Adventurers! Legend of Link Rob and Elliot
Sheldon LinT A Magical Roommate
Pirate Queen Marianne Mayberry Melonpool Penny Arcade
Mac Hall AppleGeeks VG Cats
Beaver and Steve No Rest For the Wicked Holy Bibble
Webcomic Links

Sluggy Freelance - Sluggy Freelance is one of the most famous web-comics and one of my personal favorites. It's been running for many years and, while a plot-based comic, is very focused on gags and humor. I heartily recommend it.
PG-13 (violence, but not that much at all, really)

Megatokyo - Megatokyo is an ongoing online manga (that's a kind of japanese comic) about two Americans stuck in Tokyo. It is a great comic with some great jokes, though if I liked anime more I figure that I could probably understand more of it.
PG (occasional mild language)

Real Life - Real Life is one of the biggest influences on my own comic, from the "real life" application (though Real Life can go on such tangents as entering a computer, taking over the world, having a inter-dimensional portland door, etc) to the having of hands in pockets a lot (which is unfortunate for myself, of course, because I need to not copy people). However, the hands thing wasn't on purpose, probably it was just subconscious. Still, I recommend this site.
PG (occasional language)

Adventurers! - Adventurers! is a roughly -drawn, highly-humorous cartoon about characters in a Final Fantasy-like RPG. It's a great strip, with most of the jokes able to be understood by the uninitiated.

The Legend of Link - The Legend of Link is a comic in the style of "Adventurers" that features a game-aware Link in the midst of his own crazy adventure.
PG (Um, Link is something of a cold-hearted killer)

Rob and Elliot - I like this strip. It's pretty funny and twisted, but almost always in a clean and quirky way. I would highly reccomend it.

Sheldon - Ah, Sheldon, why are you not in my local newspaper? This is one of the most professional, inventive, and fun comics I've seen since we lost Calvin & Hobbes and the Far Side, in my opinion. You may disagree, but read some of the strip before you make up your mind.

LinT - LinT is a site that is extremely well-drawn and is quite enjoyable. I can't quite determine if it is a parody of role-playing, fantasy, or if it is even a parody at all and not a satire. Either way it works, it's funny.

A Magical Roommate - I rather enjoy this one, though I don't get to it very often. The art is simple, but rather expressive (gee, I wonder why I like that?). It follows the classic "fish-out-of-water" format, except the fish is a girl from the world of magic who is stuck in our world attending a normal university. Who cares about Chemistry when you can make potions that actually work?
G, most definately!

Pirate Queen Marianne - Marianne and her scurvy pirate crew (okay, I don't know if they'd refer to themselves as "scurvy") are off on adventures sailing on the seven seas of the final frontier (or something like that). This is a good strip with a very unique (and cool) art deco style, both in art and story.
PG (violence)

Mayberry Melonpool - It's rare to see a sci-fi comic that succeeds in being both well-drawn and funny. I really enjoy the style here; it's slightly reminiscent of Bill Waterson without being a rip-off.

Penny Arcade - You are hereby warned that this site contains adult language (lots of profanity), but I must admit that I absolutely love it. It's one of my favorite comics --mostly for the artwork and jokes-- but many times for the reviews on the main page are good, too. They have an interesting view on the gaming industry.
R (excessive and offensive language)

Mac Hall - Um, I don't know what this is about. Really, I have no clue. It's called Mac Hall, so I assume it happens at a college dorm hall. It has great artwork, and funny jokes, but if there's an over-all storyline, I don't get it.
PG-13 (language)

Applegeeks - Where else do you get a fanatical Apple-user and his friends? Um, here for one!

VG Cats - Okay, okay, sorry if I offend you here. Really. Please forgive me for it, but I like this strip. It's full of computer game parodies, but it's also shocking and appaling many times, so you'd do best to avoid it.

Beaver and Steve - This is just bizarre weirdness. From concentrate.

No Rest for the Wicked - Even if you're not a fan of the Japanese art style, you can't deny the author's compelling storyline that mixes fairy-tales together into what I can only describe as Evanescence Into the Woods

Holy Bibble - I really like this comic take-off of the Bible (currently in Genesis). I'm going to hell, I know it.

Other Good Sites

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Christian denomination that centers on a belief that God still speaks to His prophets, that families are central to the plan He has for us, and that the love and grace of Jesus Christ are sufficent to save all mankind who will follow Him. Sorry, I just can't be cynical about that. :-)

This is another website for the church that is more oriented towards people who have no idea what the Church believes and have something of an interest in finding out more. If you've never talked to Mormons about their own church (i.e., you only know about it through books, encyclopedias, or your preacher) I'd reccommend hearing about them straight from the horse's mouth. There are a lot of inconsistencies and incorrect ideas that people think about us, and this site address a lot of them.

This is a great web site (besides Keenspace) to find all sorts of cool web comics.

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